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Dear Facebook,


Dear FB,

I haven’t seen U in awhile.

It’s ncie 2b back.

Now, what’s new?

Colleges of kids

Whereing pinks and blues

With baskets of candy.

Look! Their’s my kid–

Now, I didn’t post that!

I wonder who put up that pic

Of my boy?

Jenny had a baby–who knew?

A gurl?  Yay! :)

Why wasn’t I told?

And Cheryl–she’s gettin divorced?

She cheated!?

Oh, pour Jason!

Why is Mary so depresed for?

Oh! She’s pregnant again!

Pore girl! Her poor house–

5 kids already–

How will it survive?

“Hang on! BRB”

I’ve gotta check on my son.

They’re! I’ve put him to bed.

Now, what happened with Jessica?

Oh, she wants to eat dinner?

Tell her: “it’s two early for diner

Let’s do lunch 2morrow instead.”

Did I mention how much I’ve missed you?

“So glad 2b back”


With <3




***All names are fictitious characters and are not indicative of real life events (other than the fact that I was inspired to write this poem after being off of Facebook for 6 weeks ;)  ***

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Author: Kayla I. Shown-Dean

First and foremost, I am a writer. I've loved writing since childhood, and in June 2014, I published my first novel, Muted. In November of the same year, I added a collection of poetry, Autumn Leaflets, to my published works. Currently, I spend a lot of my free time promoting my books and planning my next novel which will be the first in a series of three. My love for writing is what led me to start a blog. I've been blogging since 2012, and while I love it, I still have a lot to learn blogger.

2 thoughts on “Dear Facebook,

  1. LOL
    LOVE all the misspelled words and internet “grammar.”
    Funny post!


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